25 October 2019


In modern life, the issue of health care of each Vietnamese person is increasingly focused, and most of all, the health of the elderly. The pain and aches cause discomfort for the elderly at night.

The light exercise outdoors in the morning will help the elderly have a healthier and happier life. In addition to exercising outdoors, the elderly can relax & soothe old age diseases by using tools and massage chairs at home.

This is also a way to help exercise for the elderly to get better health in terms of bones, joints, cardiovascular, blood pressure, lungs and help improve sleep.

So what are the benefits of massage chairs for the elderly?

1. Relieve muscle fatigue
Reducing fatigue is the first benefit of massage chairs. Based on research on the human body, manufacturers design a special system of rollers and airbags. These rollers are “guided” by a series of smart sensors, helping to accurately detect and acupressure.

2. Good for bones and joints
The massage chairs are integrated with more functions, gentle massage helps smooth impact to reduce tendon pain, suitable for the condition of the elderly, deep massage mode into the neck and shoulder area to prevent neck degeneration, lumbar spine disease prevention, help increase lubricating fluid to the joints.

3. Improve blood circulation
Massage chairs will put you in a state of zero gravity, help the heart pump more blood, improve circulation, promote the elimination of toxins outside. The pressure on the diaphragm is also significantly reduced, creating more space for the lungs to expand to absorb more oxygen to feed the body. In addition, this posture also reduces the compression between the vertebrae, combined with the massage airbag system and acupressure roller will bring maximum relaxation.

4. Regulate blood pressure
The infrared light function helps to warm the massage area to increase blood circulation throughout the body.

In addition to the above benefits, the massage chair will help everyone & especially the elderly to minimize fatigue, sadness, strengthen the immune system, and improve sleep.

Keep a healthy life, exercise in moderation, will help the elderly’s life to be happy and full of energy.

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